Truffoire – The New-Age Skin Care Provider!

What are Truffles?

Truffles are a distinctive, fungi type of mushrooms that grow in tree roots. Often referred to as ‘The diamond of the kitchen’, this product is a popular ingredient for making delicacies in Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Georgia and the Middle East.

While Truffles have been popularly used in food for years, the significance of these mushrooms as the efficient cosmetic product is relatively new. The truffles have been tested and proven to provide effective results for revitalizing skin’s natural age-fighting abilities. This has catapulted it into becoming one of the hottest and best luxury products in skin care industry today.


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  1. My friend has recommended me to try brightening cream, but I am very much confused that how truffles can be used for skin care products. Researched more and came to know what truffle can do. Then I decided to buy a cream, amazing result; my skin becomes smooth and glowy after using it. Give a try to Truffoire products once.

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